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Douchebag ( or Andy (or andyproductions1)) is Robby's love slave. Well not really. Robby never loved him, but gotta label it something! His penis bring immense pressure to every lady. He was born on July 7th 14 AD. His memory is freaking crap he's like a freaking goldfish but worse because goldfish have an excuse but this crap is inexcusable. This wikia page exists to remind him of who he is but he could easily be convinced that he is someone else if someone really wanted to because its not like he'll remember because he cant remember freaking anything.

Andy getting his ass kicked by Thomas

Third Nipple and Second Cock[]

Andy's most definitive quality if of coarse, his third nipple. A mutation known as a supernumerary nipple, this badge of honer has been pinned upon his bosom since birth. His second cock is only for gay sex.

Modern day Andy.

Indiana Jones[]

In his early days as a youtube star, Andy made a series of kinky Indiana Jones pornography (he was 9 years old). He made them with Robby before their romance. But AFTER that, Robby played Willie Scott and Andy played Indy. As their character's chemistry grew, so did their real life chemistry... but i'll talk about that more in the next section...

Andy wrote, directed, and starred in a total of 5 indiana jones pornos. All received critical acclaim from Indiana Jones porn enthusiasts.

Andy and Robby's love life[]

Andiana Jones

As said in the last section, Andy and Robby started to get hard for each other. Robby decided that rather than a normal relationship, he wanted to be andy's love slave. Andy's response was "HELLS YEAH".

But as time went on, Andy started to see the truth. Robby never loved him. He only wanted to be a love slave. Andy was hurt by this, and broke up with robert. Both were devastated by this break up, But both got back on their feet after watching some extremely funny videos by 0816egg (Jack). Both were intrigued by this youtube star and decided to meet him in person...

Recently, their relationship has been set aflame and renewed with new love. During a High School Musical Commentary, Andy took his shirt off for Robby and sat very close to him. Robby then started discreetly stroking Andy's foot to show his love for him. Andy didn't stop him. The two now meet frequently meet and cover up their covert meetings by claiming that its just Andy going to work at Moes when he's actually with Robby.