0816Egg Universe Wiki

The hosts often have segments where they make up random stories and tell them on the podcast. This is a list of a few of these trippy trainwrecks.

Robby's Future Life Story: This was a story made up by Jack about Robby's life with Emma Stone in the future. He's living a good life and then it all goes horribly awry when his memey past comes back to haunt him.

Robby's Future Life Story Prequel: Many years before the events of "Robby's Future Life Story", Robby meets the love of his life, Emma Stone, and in the early years of their relationship, Robby is secretly holding Jack in his basement trying to re-condition him to stop using rawby memes for good. After years of torture, Jack is finally let out into the real world, but has completely forgotten how to live. Robby must now teach Jack how to properly live.

FNP War Story: This was a part of Story Time with Grandpa Rawby. In this story the FNP crew is drafted to fight not-ISIS and are given a tank and must work together to not die.

Jack's Meme Land: Featured during Story Time with Grandpa Rawby. King Jeck is the ruler of a happy land of memes until he sees the Rawby meme and decides it must be his meme even if it memes hurting his other memes and destroying his kingdom. A young non-memey man must join forces with a masked man to stop this psychopath and restore balance to the meme land.

Donald Trump Canada Story: Jack made up a story where he and Robby were brothers and lived in Canada with their dad Brendan Fraser and their mom Andy until they decided to move to America only to be informed that Trump was gonna throw all the Canadians out.

The Story of Benchley: President of Grocery Store Land: Part of a Story Time with Grandpa Rawby segment. Benchley is a humble potato chip farmer who comes to power and rules Grocery Store land only to have everyone and everything he loved destroyed.

Satanic Dirt Santa: This was from the early FNP days. Jack was out of his freaking mind and whipped this up and told it on the podcast.

Robby's Life Without Jack: This was a story told by Jack in which Robby goes off the deep end with all the Rawby memes and tells Jack that he wishes Jack was a normal normie. This wish backfires when a magical fairy comes down and grants the wish, causing a major change in Robby's life.

Robby Has To Change The Past: In this story during JeckCast #3 (technically not an FNP but close enough) Robby is killed in the past and starts to fade away in the future. He must hurry to fix everything before he fades away completely.