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The gresh figure used in the videos.

Gresh is a bionicle figure that Jack made a video series about from the years 2009 to 2011. Before Youtube, Jack made around 15-20 gresh videos that never actually made it to YouTube. There are currently 14 gresh videos online from both 0816egg and Jack's hidden second account, 0816eggproductions.

Series Overview[]

When Jack started uploading to YouTube, Gresh was already a well established character that didn't receive any real introduction upon his arrival to YouTube. The series has never been divided into seasons, unlike the egg videos were.

However there have been sub-series made about gresh including a 2 part series called "Gresh's Funniest Home Videos", which was a parody of "America's Funniest Home Videos", and two different gresh series that were both entitled "The adventures of Gresh". One can be found on 0816egg, and is a 4 part series comprising of random short skits put together into short videos. The other is found on 0816eggproductons, and takes a more episodic form where each episode contains a specific plot.

Before making a YouTube account, Jack made around 15-20 gresh videos that were very similar to the form of "The Adventures of Gresh" from 0816eggproductions. Each episode had a specific plot, and a special 30 minute movie was also made. This series had Gresh of course, but the other characters in the series were completely different from the ones seen on the YouTube episodes. These specific videos were made from around late 2009-summer 2010.

The Adventures of Gresh (0816eggproductions)[]

On 0816eggproductions, there are 7 episodes of "The Adventures of Gresh" that were released. Two of which include 20 minute special movie episodes. The series contains 3 main characters including Gresh, Vahki, and Cousin Carlos.