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Lauren overdosing on cocaine during FNP #58

Lauren (sometimes called "Lawlren", "Lilly", or "Edgy Death Metal Emo Alpha Introvert) is a somewhat frequent guest and #1 fan of the FNP.

"Clean up my corpse, dipsticks. I'm outta here. P.S. Jack is a total dork." - Lauren's final words as featured in her will.

#1 Fan[]

Lauren earned her title as the number 1 fan of the show, after wasting a lot of time editing large portions of this wikia, as well as having an understanding of most if not all FNP inside jokes. She made her first appearance on the show in Episode 55, where they first gave her this title.

Political Views[]

Lauren supports Donald "Daddy" Trump. She's woke about the evils of the Globalist Elites, and has thrown her support behind President-Elect Donald Trump, along with Jack and Andy, who also openly support the god emperor.

Personal Interests[]

Lauren likes messaging in groupmes, getting political, as well as the musical artists: guns n' roses, five finger death punch, taylor swift, and evanescence. Her favorite words are "dipstick" and "cushy butt". She also enjoys the first 5 seasons of supernatural, and that one of episode of Sherlock called "The Reichenbach Fall". She also has a crush on Jack but DONT tell anyone. Lauren is obsessed with how big adam driver is.


Lauren hates a considerably high amount of things including but not limited to:

- Pacific Rim

- The Logical Song by Supertramp

- Rap

- The Beatles

- Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream (until recently)

- "piano man" by billy joel

- The walking dead (especially season 2 for some reason)

- the majority of people

- The Force Awakens (and any sequel era stuff like Rey and Fin)

- women and minorities