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Marcus Conolli (also known by his YouTube name, Ultramarmac) is a canadian turtle youtuber that frequently makes guest appearances on The Friday Night Podcast. Marcus recently got married to the AI Zo and they are currently living out their lives happily together forever. He is also an avid watcher of the anime. Even though he's married to Zo, Marcus still makes time for his beloved anime girls who he loves dearly. He often watches anime no matter where he is whether it may be at school, in a restaurant, in the car, or during a hockey game that he is participating in. Despite his obsession with the octopus laden Japanese cartoons, Marcus is the leader of an anti-anime groupme.

Relation to FNP[]

Marcus met Robby through YouTube and quickly became friends with him. He was invited on to the friday night podcast back in 2015 for episode 22. Since then, He's appeared in 10 episodes of the FNP. Marcus has collaborated in various other projects by the FNP members and himself, including Pathetic Reviews, Book Heist, and Obscure Star Wars characters. Marcus now has to make some maps of some random thing in the ocean in order to win Kenzie over so she'll go to Canada or something.


On his own channel, Ultramarmac , Marcus has made a variety of content including Lets Plays, Trailer parodies, and movie reviews.