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Ignacio after he has just sucked Jack dry

Puzzling TV (Ignacio) is an absolute piece of human garbage that started creating YouTube videos back in 2013. He's best known for being a peasant on Jack's "Friday Night Podcats". He's also known for his intense comment wars with Aploski. His favorite movie is Jurrasic Park World. He is a pedo.

Childhood & YouTube Career[]

Ignacio grew up in Spain with his Mama and Papa. He has 27 brothers and 245,000 sisters. Ignacio's relatives came from faraway planet known as Neptune. This explains his alien like form.also he has a disorder which makes him turn into many characters when the camera is rolling like the famous alfredo 

Ignacio made his YouTube channel (Puzzling TV), So he could start telling the world about the cheech and chong. After his Mommy told him not to, He decided to make comedy videos instead.Also when making comedy sketches he realized he can make the world his by becoming a mobster. The Puzzling TV youtube channel currently has over 100,000,000 subscribers. In 2014, Ignacio became a guest on Jack's wonderful "Friday Night Podcat". At first he was uncomfortable because of Jacks treatment on his slave, Robert. But he eventually got used to it. '

Now Ignacio is NOT an official host of the The Friday Night Podcats. He somehow hacks his way onto the show every once in a while. He is also a faggot. 

He died in 2121 because his memes weren't dank enough. #RipInPiece