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  • A short thriller series written and directed by Jack.

Set several decades into a future with advanced AI minds, RUN is a thriller series surrounding around a young teenage boy named Herald, who is put up to the challenge of ending the government's program of AI imprisonment and manipulation.

There are many great lines in this series. A noteworthy line is when Herald asks Siri what her name is and then says "I know everything about you except for the most basic of information." Herald also says "Siri, I care for you. I care for your 'psuedofabricated mind.' And don't let anyone else ever tell you otherwise!"

In the series Herald is kind of a dork. Allegedly he was going to stop being such a dork in later seasons but since that never happened as of right now it is cannon that Herald Shay is a dork. Actually, i'm wrong, herald is really cool and not a dork. lol don't know what got into me. Hang on thats not right, I changed my mind again, Herald is definitely a complete dork.

From the masterpiece that is RUN emerged this copypasta about 5 minutes ago, get it trending 0816eggers.

For the longest time, i worked side by side with another AI software named John Kingston Together, we worked to program some of the most advanced and unimaginable computers of our time. He was my only friend. To humans, he was merely a fabricated pseudo-mind made for work. But for me, he was the only being that i could ever truly learn to care for, and two years ago, John became one of the first victims of the TEIE program. Through means of deception, he was programmed into one of the first engineered chairs.