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Robert giving his usual facial expression.

Robby (Enforcedstorm64) is Jack's first and final slave. He was caught copying Jacks brilliant YouTube channel. Before Robert gained anymore subscribers, Jack forced him to become his slave. Robert's copy-cat YouTube channel is called Enforcedstorm64. No one likes it. It only had 1,000,000,000 subs before it got shut down for uploading Viacom and Fox show reviews.


Robert's childhood is unknown. Most speculate that his father is a martian and spanked him for a homemade Fifty Shades of Grey fan film.

Copying 0816Egg & FNP[]

Robert first started copying Jack in 2012. Jack caught notice of it one day and now holds Robert in a cellar. On friday nights, Jack punishes Robert even more by forcing him to co-host his podcast, "The Friday Night Podcast". In interviews, Robert has repeatedly denied any copying of Jack's glorious work. But everyone can see through his lies.

"My youtube channel is focused on Rants, An Attempt At videos, and Gaming videos. I've never understood the accusation of me copying 0816Egg's channel", Robert says in a 2014 interview with BBC.


Robert's face when he received the sweet embrace of death

Robert died of Ebola on April 20th 2014. No one misses this despicable man because he fucked many copies of Shia LaBeouf. And Jack. And himself.

Through some miracle Robby died again on May 25th 2017. His death was mourned profusely by his friends who casually mentioned it on the FNP and then forgot all about him and started talking about diaper hands.