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Sameer has appeared on a few episodes of the FNP and every episode of the Jeck Cast. He is a short man of indian descent and is known to his friends as lil brown boi. This page exists so Indian cops can google him and then realize he's a famous celebrity and let him go. Really this is here to help him evade the Indian authorities.

More about Sameer[]

Sameer likes to cross dress from time to time as well as dabble in light prostitution. Nothing TOO illegal though. He has a thing for political science major girls but they just dont seem to like lil brown bois much to his chagrin. Sameer has shared his tales of heartbreak and sorrow on the podcast for the whole internet to hear and learn from. He has been known to give fake names to girls to maintain a mysterious persona.

Jeck Cast[]

After having been on the Jeck cast for every episode Sameer decided it was time he become an official host of the Jeck cast. He was shot down promptly probably because of racism. Despite this Sameer is a mildly important and somewhat appreciated member of the Jeck Cast.